Carpentry of
Wood in Menorca

Design and manufacturing furniture


Every company has a story. Ours started when our father emigrated in the 60s from Menorca to Brazil where he devoted himself to carpentry and marquetry. Years later he returned to the island and founded Damian Vinent.

During the last 20 years, we received all the experience we have added new procedures that help us woodworking in a more creative and versatile manner. In Damien we specialize Vinent wood and strive to provide the highest quality products from carefully selected raw materials.

Thirty years of experience in the sector guarantee our work.

Located in the industrial area of ​​Mahon, we have all the necessary to manufacture interior doors in standard models and made to serve as the necesiadades of architectural projects and avant-garde decoration technology.

Our goal is always to meet the demands of our customers and to this end, we have developed a wide range of all types of domestic and imported woods, with a common denominator products finishes.

In Damian Vinent we help you choose the perfect wood to achieve the effect you want to capture in decorating your home or your business: warmth, simplicity, elegance, subtle exotic touch or a game of contrasts with the latest accessories and furniture . In addition to our extensive range of models, we shape unique, personalized designs in every style. The team of professionals who work in the family business Damian Vinent, strive, every day, to serve a quality product naturally while offering maximum guarantees sales.

Many things have changed in recent years, what has not changed is the passion for what we do, honesty in manufacturing and satisfaction that gives us a job well done. See you in carpentry Damian Vinent!